​​​​​​Solution-Driven Innovation


With over 30,000 autosamplers in various markets, Teledyne OEM Solutions has a wide selection of autosampler platforms and technologies to chose from to meet your market needs.


Basic Autosamplers

The ASX-500 series is a rugged, reliable platform proven in tens of thousands laboratories over countless hours of operation. Supports a wide range of analytical techniques and environments, including AA, ICP, ICP-MS, FIA, UV-VIS, HPLC, liquid handling and more.

Flexible Automation Platform

The ASX-7000 series features expanded capabilities designed to meet a wide range of analytical techniques with unique set of technologies.

  • Pick-N-Place
  • Fluid Handling
  • Pipette Technology
  • Liquid Level Sensing
  • Mixing/Stirring
  • Sample Tempering
  • Sample Identification
  • Heated Sample Lines

inline-fraction-collector.jpgFraction Collectors

Our current lineup of Foxy fraction collectors offers a range of capabilities and capacities to meet practically any need. The easy-to-use system features a symbolic touchscreen, on-board support for external pumps and detectors, and an extensive library of remote commands. Available options include high flow rate diverter valve (up to 1000 mL/min) and RFID rack detection. All feature coldroom-friendly design with moisture-resistant materials.​​​

​Fluid Handling

Piston Pumps

inline-piston-pumps.jpgWe offer a wide variety of positive-displacement piston pumps and pump kits used in laboratory and industrial instrumentation, including HPLC, UHPLC, Prep LC, and Flash Chromatography systems. Pumps are available in single and dual piston platforms, with flow rates ranging from 1 μL/min to 750 mL/ min, and pressures up to 25,000 psi.

Standard fluid path materials are PEEK, stainless steel and titanium, and there are several control options, including remote RS‑232 & USB interface, LAN port or traditional user keypads, along with binary gradient formation. Available accessories are pulse dampeners, pressure transducers and leak detection. All pumps and pump kits are configurable to meet your specific application need.

Syringe Pumps

inline-syringe-pump.pngOur single-pump systems consist of a controller and pump module. The piston-driven pump module uses a single speed gear train. Nitronic 50 is the standard material for cylinders, pistons, and caps, with Hastelloy and other alloys available for even greater chemical resistance. Standard seals are graphite-impregnated Teflon®, providing long life under harsh operating conditions, with optional seals available for special applications. Continuous-flow systems couple two pump modules to a single controller, and use an active or passive valve manifold to provide non-stop, continuous feed of almost any fluid.

Valves & Fittings

In addition to high pressure pumps, we offer companion valves and fittings to complete the required fluid path. These components include traditional prime-purge valves, industrial needle valves (rated to 15,000 psi); tubing nut/ferrule (in PEEK, stainless steel and titanium), and other high pressure fittings and filters. Manual & motorized rotary valves will be available soon.​

​​​ELS Detectors

inline-detector.pngEvaporative Light Scattering Detectors improve the detection of compounds with little or no UV chromophore such as carbohydrates, steroids, lipids, and terpenes. Whether you are analyzing or simply purifying your compounds, these powerful detectors add greater detection sensitivity for your most complex separations. Unlike UV detection alone, adding an ELSD to your existing LC system can provide near universal detection without changing your existing chromatographic methods.​​

​Vacuum Measurement

Our vacuum products have established a reputation for ruggedness - even in the most demanding environments. Our products are routinely used in applications on the road, rail and sea. Our products have been to the moon and back, literally! Put that reliability to work for your application.​​

Therm​​al Mass Flow

Solve your application challenges with our trusted line of thermal mass flow meters and thermal mass flow controllers. Find reliable solutions for applications in laboratory and industrial environments, high and low flows, corrosive gases and very high temperatures.