The pumps are ideal for a wide variety of HPLC applications (including Biocompatible separations) Semi-Prep LC metering & dispensing and general laboratory use. Standard fluid path materials are Stainless Steel and PEEK. With 5 mL/min, 10 mL/min, and 40 mL/min versions available and pressure capability up to 6000 psi these versatile pumps will meet the most demanding applications.

Features include automatic pressure compensation, Pulse Dampener, integrated Prime-Purge Valve, interactive keypad control, and complete PC control and status through RS-232, and Micro USB 2.0, and Ethernet. The unique LS Class provides the highest performance/cost ratio in a compact package.​​

Pump Head Material Options

Stainless Steel Pump Head PEEK Pump Head ​​​​​​